The first clinic in Romania to perform ophthalmological operations under general anaesthesia on an outpatient basis (1998)

The first clinic in Romania integrated in an international telemedicine programme (e-consulting and e-learning (2000)

The only clinic with an imaging database since 2000.

First clinic in Romania where optics was fully integrated into ophthalmology therapy (2000)


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First time surgeries: oblique muscle surgery (2000), muscle transfer surgery for paralytic strabismus (2001), recovery surgery for lost muscle in the orbit (2001) thyroid strabismus surgery, “heavy eye” syndrome surgery (2002) and many others

Oftapro is the first clinic in Romania to successfully perform silicone tubing in recurrent nasolacrimal duct obstruction (2007)

First Optician in Romania to offer children atraumatic silicone frames (2007)

The first ophthalmology clinic in Romania to own a PlusOptix computerized autorefractometer for remote screening and measurement of dioptres for children (2008)

The first clinic in Romania to use botulinum toxin in the treatment of strabismus (2010)

The first and only clinic in Romania with Neurovision technology for the treatment of adult amblyopia (2011)

We take care of the eyes of the whole family.

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The only clinic and the first in Romania where Graves’ disease patients can undergo surgery for ALL their problems: orbital decompression for exophthalmos, correction of thyroid strabismus and eyelid repair surgery (since 2013).

The only clinic in Romania where retinal photographs can be taken in young children without the need for general anaesthesia (since 2012)

The first clinic in Romania to use Fresnell and Filltre Bangerter prisms for diplopia and amblyopia respectively (2012)

The only eye clinic with an endoscope and where the endoscopic lacrimal duct surgery is performed (since 2013)

The first clinic in Romania to have the equipment for measuring intraocular pressure in children without requiring anesthesia or sedation (2012)

At Oftapro, children can be examined from the first days of life!

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The first clinic in Romania to use all methods of slowing the evolution of myopia – Ortok, atropine 0.01%, multifocal lenses, customized contact lenses (2017)

The only ophthalmology clinic in Romania to widely use optical coherence tomography OCT in the diagnosis of corneal and retinal ophthalmic paediatric disorders

First clinic in Romania to use citicoline as an adjuvant treatment for amblyopia (2020)

NEW: The only clinic in Romania with a computerized equipment for the analysis of double vision (diplopia) and precise diagnosis of the muscles involved (2021) (KM SCREEN T65))