In this section you will find complete information about the services of the Oftapro clinic. If you need more information and guidance, do not hesitate to contact us! Our doctors are overspecialized in various fields. The secretariat can direct you to the right doctor, the staff at the Reception being extremely well trained in this regard.

Adult ophthalmology

Although Oftapro was the first pediatric ophthalmology clinic in Romania, we have never neglected adults. Since 1996, from the opening until now, both children and adults have been consulted in OFTAPRO. Thousands of families are our patients: children, parents, grandparents. Some of the adults have been our patients since they were children. […] read more →


More than 10,000 cases have been successfully operated from 1997 to the present. At OFTAPRO you have access to the most experienced team in the country in strabismus & other types of surgery! […] read more →

Non-surgical treatments

Consultations from the first days of life, but also for parents and grandparents, complex equipment, adequate time allocated to consultations means that at Oftapro you receive both the correct diagnosis and exceptional, modern treatments, some of them even unique in Romania! […] read more →

E-Consulting and telemedicine in Oftapro

Iin order to provide specialized care to as many patients as possible, MD Dan Georgescu, who lives and works in the United States, provides online consultations, with the help of MD Mihnea Vulpe, in real time. […] read more →