Although Oftapro was the first pediatric ophthalmology clinic in Romania, we have never neglected adults. Since 1996, from the opening until now, both children and adults have been consulted in OFTAPRO. Thousands of families are our patients: children, parents, grandparents. Some of the adults have been our patients since they were children.

The Oftapro Clinic is fully digitized.

We can find your file from 20 years ago!

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Continuity of the medical act

In OFTAPRO there is all the modern equipment necessary for a complete ophthalmological consultation in adults for the exact establishment of the appropriate diagnosis and treatment. Computerization and state-of-the-art equipment allow us to closely monitor any evolving ophthalmic disease of the patient, such as glaucoma. We have medical equipment to establish dioptres and at the same time with this measurement we can instantly identify patients with suspected glaucoma because the intraocular pressure is measured along with the dioptres. The devices we own have multiple functions, avoiding unnecessary trips inside the clinic. We also have portable devices for measuring and investigating various eye parameters, including for patients who for various reasons cannot be examined with devices that classically exist in regular ophthalmology practices.

The fact that we have a complex and personalized database allows us to store all the patient’s medical data and to be able to follow their evolution from one control to another without the patient having to bring the documents from the previous checks.

All measurements, examinations, prescriptions, treatments, evolution are stored in the patient’s file which can be accessed at any time by the attending physician, even if he/she is not in the clinic, obviously respecting all rules of confidentiality.

Strabismus surgery for adults

OFTAPRO is the first clinic in Romania to operate on adults with strabismus for over 20 years with very good results. Unfortunately, many adult patients with strabismus or double vision are still unjustifiably discouraged, being told that their problem cannot be solved. This is due to the lack of information of some doctors.

At OFTAPRO you have access to the most experienced team in the country in strabismus surgery

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What eye diseases of the adult can be treated at Oftapro

Here are some of the many eye diseases, in alphabetical order, that we can diagnose and treat in OFTAPRO. Some of them can be treated properly EXCLUSIVELY in our clinic.

  • Congenital or acquired optic nerve disorders
  • Diseases of the orbit and eyelids (inflammation, tumours, ptosis, entropion, ectropion, anophthalmia, etc.), intervening with specialized surgery where needed.

Only in OFTAPRO the patient with Graves’ Disease benefits from a complete ophthalmological treatment.

OFTAPRO is the only ophthalmology clinic in Romania where orbital tumours are operated.

  • Amblyopia in adults (lazy eye) – treatment through the Neurovision software. The only clinic in Romania where you have access to this technology and the only ones in Eastern and Central Europe with over 10 years of experience in the field.
  • Retinal diseases: diabetic retinopathy, hereditary or acquired retinal diseases. We have a state-of-the-art optical coherence tomography (OCT). We can send and store in digital format the result of the examination as well as the interpretation.
  • Cataract – We do not perform cataract surgeries in the clinic, but we will recommend you the best specialists
  • Ordinary DIOPTRES to extreme, difficult DIOPTRES. The prescriptions of glasses are given with great care and meticulousness. We know that your vision and activity are dependent on a perfect and personalized prescription. You don’t have to waste time looking for an optician and go another time to pick up your glasses.
  • Diplopia -DOUBLE VIEW. OFTAPRO is the only clinic in Romania where diplopia (double vision of any kind) can be diagnosed, analysed and treated according to international standards with the latest computer equipment, for its objectification with the help of KM65 equipment (Hess test, Harms, binocular field, muscle function analysis). We will determine its cause and where necessary prisms are prescribed, in other situations we inject botulinum toxin or offer specialized surgery where there is a clear indication.
  • Glaucoma– diagnosis and treatment options offered by doctors specialized in this field. The patient can be treated appropriately by careful follow-up through investigations: intraocular pressure measurement, pachymetry, gonioscopy, optical coherence tomography (OCT) of optic nerve damage, computerized visual field and an electronic monitoring form
  • Infections and inflammation: conjunctivitis, blepharitis, keratitis, uveitis, retinitis, orbital cellulitis,
  • Keratoconus-correction with glasses or rigid contact lenses, monitoring
  • Excessive tearing, tumours of the lacrimal apparatus. The only clinic in the country where endoscopic dacryocystorhinostomy is performed for the obstruction of the adult lacrimal duct, but also prostheses for the upper tear ducts with Jones tube. The only clinic where a tumour of the lacrimal gland can be properly diagnosed and operated on.
  • Evolving myopia in young adults – OrtoK, Atropine 0.01%
  • Chalazions, hordeolum, cellulites – medical and surgical treatment
  • Squint / strabismus in all its forms: horizontal, vertical, complex (old strabismus, operated in childhood, outstanding or recurrent, recently appeared, multiple operated strabismus, paralysis of extraocular muscles, after trauma, strabismus of the patient with Basedow’s disease, practically ALL forms of strabismus. Oftapro specialists have the most experience in Romania and Central Europe in this field.
  • Dry eye syndrome, – we can diagnose and treat it using all modern means, customized according to its type and severity
  • Xanthelasmas, of the eyelids or of the periocular area- biopsy, appropriate surgical treatment, anatomopathological diagnosis