The nasolacrimal duct obstruction remits spontaneously, by massage, in the first months of life, in over 50% of cases. Where this does not happen, surgery is required.

In Oftapro we operate on nasolacrimal duct obstruction by probing the tear ducts, an intervention with a success rate of 99% if performed correctly in the first year of life. It is a short, non-risky operation that is usually performed under general anaesthesia and consists of perforating the membrane that blocks the drainage of tears to the nasal cavity with a fine metal probe, with the blunt tip after which the presence of the probe in the nasal cavity is checked. Subsequently, the nasolacrimal sac is washed with saline or antibiotic solution.

Where previous interventions have failed, the obstruction has recurred or the intervention is late, a silicone tube shall be implanted temporarily, for the permeabilization of the lacrimal path. After the intervention, drops shall be used for another 1-2 weeks until they are completely healed. The silicone tube is usually removed after 6-8 weeks, in most cases, in the practice, after a few drops of anaesthetic. The procedure takes a few seconds.

The results are excellent, being presented and recognized internationally – with a success rate of over 99%. Oftapro is the only clinic in Romania with experience since 2007 in the silicone tubing of the tear ducts.