A new modern equipment is now available in the Oftapro Clinic. The multifunctional equipment in unique in Romania and works for adults and children in testing electrophysiological parameters and functions.

It is a good help for accurate diagnosis in several diseases especially because it can also be used for babies.

The name of the equipment in MonPack One and it is produced by the French Company Metroviosion.

The whole OFTAPRO medical team was trained on June 14-th by a French specialist in order to be able to use this equipment as an investigation tool in ophthalmology, neurology and neuro-ophthalmology.

Mon Pack one is a multifunction stimulator combining, in a compact system, all the tests needed for a complete, thorough evaluation of visual functions. Only one stimulator with an innovative design is needed for ganzfeld flash ERG and VEP, pattern ERG and VEP, multifocal ERG and VEP as well as sensory EOG. is compatible with the ISCEV standards for vision electrophysiology. It includes a LED backlight with a luminance feedback (patented) insuring that the luminance of pattern ERG and pattern VEP stimulations remains constant. can be combined with the MonCvONE stimulator to perform full field perimetry, the MonColor stimulator for advanced electrophysiology tests and the MonBaby stimulator for tests on young infants. offers a large number of clinical applications not only for vision electrophysiology but also for vision psychophysical tests such as contrast sensitivity, dark adaptation as well as oculomotor tests such as pupillometry, video-oculography and electronystagmography. , thanks to its modular design, can easily be configured to suit individual needs and is easily upgradeable.

Test that can be performed with MonPack:

  • Sensory EOG PVM-ES
  • Flash and pattern VEP and ERG PVM-EL
  • Multifocal ERG PVM-MU-ERG
  • Multifocal VEP PVM-MU-VEP
  • Sweep VEP PVM-SS Options
  • Camera for distance tests HVM-CAMERA
  • Video recording PVM-CF Vision psychophysical tests
  • Contrast sensitivity PVM-SC
  • Dark adaptometry PVM-AO
  • Static perimetry PVM-CV
  • Goldmann perimetry PVM-CW
  • Attention visual field PVM-UF
  • Macular pigment density PVM-PI
  • Metamorphopsia PVM-ME Oculomotor tests
  • Electro-nystagmography PVM-EO
  • Video-oculography PVM-YE
  • Pupillometry PVM-PU
  • Scan path analysis PVM-SA
  • Visual pursuit test for babies PVM-EN