Our specialists are focused both on the quality of the relationship with the children and adults, as well as on the quality of the medical act for which they are dedicatedly trained.

We have conditions to take care of the eyes of your family because we have specialized doctors for children and adults, and even more, over-specialized.

Security & comfort for the entire family!

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Our headquarters includes four practices, waiting rooms, an investigation centre, an operating room and a Medical Optics department. which includes an optics store and a computerized fitting centre.

The staff is very well trained in working with children, which is why everyone is patient and tries to make the patient’s stay in the clinic as pleasant as possible, regardless of his/her age. We have toys and a playground, rewards and sweets.

The four consulting rooms and the investigation centre, fully equipped with modern equipment, allow a precise diagnosis in almost all ophthalmic diseases, both of the child and of the adult.

The experience gained in the 25 years of private practice (completed in 2021) and the quality of services have their say, because our patients remained 90% loyal to the Clinic.

We take care of the eyes of the whole family.

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We are a clinic from which you leave with an accurate diagnosis, with a complete report, with clear recommendations and explanations with a prescription for glasses and even with glasses made on the spot. You can always find your history, prescriptions, medical reports because everything is digitized.

You can ask us for a second opinion whenever you have good reasons or morever, in very complicated cases we can ask for the opinion of fellow experts from abroad.

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