What safety conditions have been taken in the context of the pandemic?

The clinic resumed its activity on 04.05.2020 in the context of the new regulations related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At the entrance to the clinic, temperature monitoring is performed and the patient is asked to wash and disinfect his/her hands.

Only the scheduled, healthy, asymptomatic persons, at the time of the appointment, of the persons who want to make or pick up glasses (with prior phone notice) and of the medical staff of the clinic are allowed in the clinic.

Children, the elderly or people with disabilities will be accompanied by a single carer.

The appointments are also organized in such a way that the waiting areas do not crowded and the rules of social distancing are strictly observed.

During the pandemic, appointments are made for a maximum of 4 patients simultaneously on the floor, respecting the distancing rules. Elderly people will be examined on a different floor than the one where the children are examined.

It is good to know that working with children is difficult and rarely does a young child accept a protective mask. All measures are taken for your safety even if they are not always convenient or comfortable.

The clinic staff is vaccinated, after each patient, all the objects with which they came in contact are disinfected, the surfaces, the equipment in the practice and in the waiting areas are disinfected. We make a continuous effort to treat you in excellent conditions.

The clinic’s schedule has been extended and the interval between appointments has been increased.

For everyone’s safety, you can come to the clinic only under the following conditions:

  • The mask is mandatory inside Oftapro clinic. If you do not have a mask, you will receive one from the clinic free of charge.
  • We examine directly ONLY asymptomatic patients (without fever, without respiratory manifestations) and who did not come into direct contact with Covid patients. The initial triage is done by phone and you will fill in a detailed questionnaire at the entrance to the clinic with the request to be honest when you complete it. Your temperature will be monitored at the entrance to the clinic. In case you are symptomatic (coughing, sneezing) even though you initially stated no, we reserve the right to refuse your consultation, to reschedule you or to do a quick antigen test to resolve the situation.
  • If you come with a symptomatic child (who is coughing or has a stuffy nose) we will ask you to reschedule, we cannot take responsibility for infecting other patients in the clinic or the staff, regardless of the cause of the respiratory infection or contagious illness that the patient or carer may have.
  • Each patient is admitted to the clinic individually and will perform hand washing and disinfection under the supervision of the staff. In all waiting areas there are dispensers WITH SENSORS for disinfection, no need to touch. We receive a maximum of one carer inside the clinic. Children will be accepted with one parent. Moms with babies do not worry, we will help you with your luggage.
  • Your entire route to the clinic, from entry to exit, will be disinfected, both before and after you. All devices and objects used in the consultation are disinfected after EACH patient. The equipment disinfection protocol has always existed at OFTAPRO, but we have added multiple safety measures.
  • The surgical activity was resumed on 4.05.2020, the presence in the operating room making the prior testing or vaccination for Sars-Covid 19 mandatory
  • There have been no cases of infection in the clinic since the onset of the pandemic

Thank you for supporting us, we have always had great patients and we are very grateful for that. Together we will overcome this period well.