Oftapro Clinic is fully computerized. From the moment you make an appointment, you will be registered with us and you will be greeted from the moment you enter the clinic by someone who knows about your appointment. The scheduling of appointments is performed in personalized manner through the front desk. The patient record is stored and updated in a single computer system and is securely accessible to medical staff.

Security & comfort for the entire family!

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Appointments are made in such a manner as to avoid overcrowding of waiting areas which are generous. The time allotted for a consultation is personalized and varies between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the age and problem of the patient. Possible delays are usually due either to the difficult collaboration with some patients or to the complexity of some cases that require more time than anticipated and are always justified.

Before the consult

The front desk is on the ground floor and from there you will be directed to the practice where the consultation takes place.

Before entering the office, measurements and determinations will be made with the help of computerized devices by the nurses.

The measurements are imported into the record directly from the devices so that when you enter the consultation room, the doctor already has many essential data about your condition (refraction-dioptres, keratometry, corneal thickness, intraocular pressure) that streamlines the consultation time.

The consult

The equipment is disinfected after each patient and equipped with protective screens, consumables are disposable. Most of equipment is non-contact.

The staff is properly equipped with protective masks, disposable gloves.

Ample time for consultations in comfortable offices with top equipment.

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The practices contain complete, modern equipment for establishing an accurate diagnosis: biomicroscopes, computerized optoptypes, tonometers, direct and indirect ophthalmoscopes, special lenses, test kits, binocular vision and chromatic sense tests, etc.

Once the consultation is performed, the patient receives a complete printed report, glasses or treatment prescription and possible recommendations for additional investigations (visual field, corneal topography, optical coherence tomography (OCT), retinophotography, etc.) or therapies (Surgery, Orthoptics, Neurovision, Blephasteam, OrtoK, KM 65, atropine 0.01%, etc.) which can also be performed in our clinic or in other clinics. Our patient will be able to access this data at any time in case the print gets lost or the patient has additional questions.

Integrated optics

There is the possibility at the end of the consultation for the patient to make his/her glasses on the spot, as the clinic also has a computerized lens assembly centre but also a huge stock of lenses, including special ones (thin, prisms, etc.).

OFTAPRO can honour a prescription of glasses in a record time of 5 minutes, 6 days a week.

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If surgery is recommended, there will be a detailed discussion with the doctor about all aspects of surgery and anaesthesia and you will receive complete written materials with information. You will be able to ask questions that your doctor will answer patiently and with accurate information. You will receive precise recommendations regarding the investigations that are necessary before the surgeries but also clear information about the realistic expectations related to the result of the operation, risks and possible complications with concrete statistics and you will be able to make an appointment.

We use video or photo materials, drawings for exemplifying but also photos with cases for which surgery was already performed or with similar cases.


The clinic has 4 practices, one on the ground floor and 3 on the first floor with corresponding waiting rooms.

The operating room is on the second floor being completely separated from the rest of the circuits.

All meet the standards required by SANEPID and ISU (Emergency Situations Inspectorate).