We live in a highly commercial world where poor quality products are sold at exorbitant prices without the glasses-wearer being able to check what kind of lenses they are wearing and whether they really meet all the quality criteria.

We’ve known since we were kids that the “wrong glasses” can do a lot of harm.  We know that our eyes need protection and that they have to cope with the increasingly intense visual effort we make in front of screens from an early age.  We know that when it comes to eye health, we can’t afford to make compromises.

That’s why Oftapro uses and provides you the Japanese Tokai lenses. Any patient who has had their glasses made with us can confirm the quality of these lenses.

There can be no trade-offs when it comes to our eyesight! That’s why Oftapro uses Japanese TOKAI lenses.

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The range of these plastic lenses is very wide: spherical, cylindrical, prismatic, combinations of any kind, coloured lenses, heliomatic (photosensitive), with complex anti-reflective, anti-scratch and hardening treatment, monofocal, bifocal, progressive, special office lenses, etc.

There’s virtually no lens we can’t provide you with, but you should know that TOKAI first produced the thinnest plastic lens on earth, with an index of 1.76, and later produced the thinnest and lightest lenses available. Tokai’s 1.76 aspheric monofocal vision lens is the world leader in the highest refractive index lens category.

At the same time, TOKAI produces the thinnest lenses for high dioptres that can be processed so that, even though the dioptre is very high, this is not noticeable at the edge of the lens that comes into contact with the frame. Simply put, a lens with a -12 dioptre, chosen correctly, fitted perfectly and on the right frame can look like a -3 lens.

Tokai has also brought to the market the best progressive (multifocal) lenses, which they improve year after year. Lightweight, durable, free of spherical aberrations, made with a care that only a Japanese product can meet. Adaptation is rapid, and satisfied patients never give up on this brand because they are satisfied with the quality of vision and with the fact that they have easily gotten used to them.

A special mention for children who need multifocal lenses: Tokai produces small diameter progressive lenses to please these patients. There are hundreds of children who have worn these lenses and with their help, over time, a certain type of strabismus could be corrected.

TOKAI brings to the market a range of unique lenses that you won’t find from other manufacturers, namely the Lutina range of lenses, which have special, medical filters to protect the retina and are extremely refreshing for patients with retinal or optic nerve disorders, children and adults with photophobia.

OFTAPRO can honour a prescription of glasses in a record time of 5 minutes, 6 days a week.

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We have lenses with special filters for screens, medical filters, lenses for night driving, coloured lenses with a various range, gradient lenses, polarised lenses. For any kind of dioptre.

We can make you sunglasses with any dioptre value, with protective filters.

We can customise your office glasses according to your work.

For special professional activities the lenses may undergo hardening or other special treatments.

We have anti-fog lenses, especially useful in combination with the face mask.

The important thing to remember is that we meet your needs and will responsibly provide you with the best and most personalised lens solutions.

An entire team will be dedicated to giving you the best option for your eyes and not necessarily the most expensive.

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