Frames for adults

Our well-trained staff – optometrists, medical opticians sales representatives – can advise you on the optimal choice of glass frame according to your prescription (number of dioptres) and physiognomy.

Over 2000 frames are waiting for you to try them on and choose the one that suits you.

Superb frames at affordable prices, in a friendly and charming store!

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Although we are not a “fancy” store inside a mall or on one of the main boulevards of the capital, here you will find well-known frame brands: Silhouete, Dilem, Oxibis, Exaltto, Jooly, Armani, Vogue, Emporio Armani, Ray-Ban, Spine, Tom Ford, Dolce&Gabbana, Guess, Police, in a friendly and charming store.

We have frames for both the very picky clients and for those who want good, beautiful, lightweight, comfortable and durable glasses at a fair and affordable price.

In OFTAPRO you have the unique opportunity to find Yves Cogan frames at an exceptional price. Cogan glasses are relatively new on the Romanian market and are distinguished by an exclusive, refined, unique design. Yves Cogan glasses belong to a premium segment, with many models having special arms, plated with 22 Karat gold or various noble metals.

What is very special about this brand is that the range of models is so wide and permissive that it allows even people with a more particular physiognomy and who find it difficult to find nice frames to make an aesthetic and reliable pair of glasses.

Frames for children

For its youngest patients, Oftapro offered for the first time in Romania the Miraflex atraumatic frames manufactured in Italy (

These frames are made exclusively of silicone, without any metal element (hinge, screw), which considerably reduces the risk of injury to the child’s face or eyes in the event of an accident. The nosepiece portion is anatomically shaped so that the weight of the lens and frames is distributed over a wide area, increasing wearer comfort. The flexible material enables the frame to adjust perfectly to the child’s face, which allows vision correction and makes it ideal in the treatment of strabismus. The elastic band secures the frame and keeps it centred on the child’s face, helping to achieve optimal correction and any possible occlusive treatment.

A wide range of Miraflex atraumatic frames for our youngest, constantly moving patients!

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The range of Miraflex frames is huge these days, as children of all ages can find frames which are exceptionally reliable, lightweight, aesthetically pleasing and which fit their faces perfectly.

Anecdotally, we want you to know that a pair of glasses having Miraflex frames belonging to one of our little patients heroically withstood being run over by a car. The frames held up perfectly, only the lenses got a little scratched. The child came to the check-up with the glasses on.

We obviously have other brands for children, we are extremely flexible and want to meet your wishes. We always strive to make sure that even if what you want doesn’t exist at the moment, we can get that frame to you as quickly as possible.

We don’t care to show you many pictures of frames here because we are not an online optical shop. We are the ones who have been taking care of your eyes for 25 years and we invite you to see that we do it successfully in terms of Optics as well, not just Ophthalmology. Surely the perfect glasses are waiting for you in Oftapro. Because we care.

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