OFTAPRO OPTICS emerged as a consequence of the will to complete a high-quality medical act through an integrated medical optics service of the highest quality. In short, a complete and correct consultation, an ideal prescription completed with perfect glasses.

There can be no trade-offs when it comes to our eyesight! That’s why Oftapro uses Japanese TOKAI lenses.

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A prescription for glasses can be impeccable and yet the patient may not see with those glasses or they may create him/her discomfort. The explanation for this is that we are different, that we have different physiognomies, different adaptability. This is where the optics specialists come in, who, in Oftapro, represent an essential link in the completion of glasses or in the adaptation of contact lenses.

A professional advice, a trained eye immediately notices the right frames for each of us.

Obviously, this advice also comes after examining the prescription because the glasses change in weight and appearance after the final lenses are mounted. All will be adapted according to the patient’s preferences but also according to his/her visual activity, customizing each pair of glasses.

Aerial lenses in turn may have different qualities, different thickness for the same dioptre. There are little tricks through which by a good knowledge of optics, glasses can be more than light and aesthetic without huge investments.

Our ultimate goal is a pair of glasses that fit your personality, with the help of which you can see flawlessly and that you don’t feel when you wear. Only then does a prescription become truly perfect.

Children, in particular, have a special physiognomy because their nose is small, because they are in constant motion. There are special frames for children, atraumatic, lenses that do not break, eventually, reliable and durable glasses. Children, especially small ones, do not always want to wear their glasses, but in most situations, they reject them when they feel a physical discomfort related to them: they touch them in a sensitive place, they slip on their nose or they are too heavy. We make glasses for children of all ages for over 20 years, we practically introduced in Romania the concept of atraumatic frame, many years ago. With the right frame, the chances of them wearing it increase enormously.

A wide range of Miraflex atraumatic frames for our youngest, constantly moving patients!

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It’s great when we have options, when we understand what we choose and what are the reasons for a recommendation.

The market is currently oversaturated with commercial optics offers, and online trade makes us believe that we will find the best price for glasses but….things are not always like this.

We offer you a quality/price ratio that you will not find anywhere because we do not make any compromise in terms of quality. We believe that sight is the most precious sense we have, so as a natural continuation of everything we do for your eyes, we offer you only good quality optical products and at an excellent price, professional advice, involvement of doctors and optometrists. For years, the optics from Oftapro has been considered and remained one of the best optics in the capital and in the country.

We make your glasses faster than anywhere because we have everything we need, in most situations right on the spot, including prescriptions with larger prisms or dioptres.

We offer you a wide range of sunglasses, we can make dioptre sunglasses on any kind of frame you want. And your little children can also benefit from sunglasses regardless of the dioptre they wear.

Oftapro Optics is also one of the few optical centres where lenses with any kind of dioptre are mounted on special frames for sports or swimming.

In our store you will find the best quality eye patches, Fresnel foils, Bangerter filters, eye vitamins, artificial tears, maintenance solutions for contact lenses but also devices for the treatment of blepharitis and everything related to eye health but also interesting optical accessories: elastics, cords, cases, etuis, cleaning and anti-fog solutions.

We can process & deliver a prescription of glasses in a record time of 5 minutes!

What we offer you, OFTAPRO OPTICS means that in 80% of the cases you can leave with your glasses ready and in the remaining 20% ​​they will be ready faster than in any other centre because we have the largest stock of lenses in the city, that you have great glasses, perfectly matching in terms of aesthetics, well-fitted and that you will be able to buy on the spot any other important product for your ophthalmological treatment that your doctor has expressly prescribed for you.

If you are not from Bucharest, we will send them home in case they cannot be executed on the spot. There is no other place where you can find better prices for the same quality and where the loyalty is more consistently rewarded!