In order for our patient’s satisfaction to be maximum, we have created a computerized lens processing centre, which is equipped with the latest technology. Quality control is performed with electronic devices.

OFTAPRO can honour a prescription of glasses in a record time of 5 minutes, 6 days a week.

The stars of the medical optics centre are the two digital systems for processing compact state-of-the-art lenses, which have a digital processing unit with three-dimensional reproduction of the lens facet and a scanning-centring-locking unit incorporated.

The 2 units of the processing systems can work independently so that during the performance of a lens sanding you can scan another frame of glasses or you can centre-cup a lens for another assembly. In short, we can make several pairs of glasses in a short period of time. If we add the huge stock of lenses we have, we can almost certainly make your glasses on the spot, saving you from making unnecessary trips in Bucharest traffic.

OFTAPRO can honour a prescription of glasses in a record time of 5 minutes, 6 days a week.

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But what makes our assembly centre more special is the fact that we can make special glasses that require sophisticated equipment and high-level experience of the technician who makes the glasses.

In Oftapro you have the chance of special glasses, without a frame, the lenses od which are attached to the arms by staples or screws. We can offer you lenses of a shape and size of your choice!

Technology and experience allow us to make glasses with a special aesthetic look by sanding the edge of the lenses that will look spectacular in the frame.

The quality of the lenses we use helps us a lot in this regard, along with our concern for keeping the quality standard that we have maintained for over 20 years.

We must not forget that here we make complicated glasses with combined lenses, with prisms, multifocal (progressive) lenses for both adults and children who need a special installation.

Also, in this centre Fresnel foils, filters are mounted, things that you will not find in other optical medical centres.

Let’s not forget the possibility to make special swimming glasses in our centre or for sports with dioptres for you or your children.

The presence and advice of the specialist when choosing a frame for progressive glasses, greatly improves the quality of the finished product.

Despite being young our team has an outstanding experience.

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