Why Oftapro?

80 % of the information about the surrounding world reaches us through images. Our eyes get tired or may have problems. Oftapro Ophthalmology Clinic has been here since 1996, taking care of your eyes.

Only in our clinic you can benefit by the following advantages:


The most experienced clinic, the most experienced and complete team of paediatric ophthalmology and strabismus in Romania


Doctors with real training in Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, internships abroad … 7 EXPERIENCED SURGEONS.


The longest experience and the largest case study in Romania in adult strabismus and amblyopia (Neurovision), assessment and treatment of double vision (diplopia)


The only clinic in Romania with specialists in oculoplastic, orbital and tear duct surgery

The only ophthalmology private clinic with Prematurity Retinopathy specialist.

Familia fericita cu un bebelus
Facilities for all ages:

Consultations from the first days of life but also for parents and grandparents, complex equipment, multiple cabinets, operating room equipped to international standards


On June 1, 2023, over 12,000 cases operated in OFTAPRO


Paediatric and adult anaesthesia under maximum safety conditions


On January 1, 2021, over 10,500 cases operated in OFTAPRO


Adequate time for consultations, airy and comfortable spaces. Park is close to fill waiting times. Car parking.


The only Ophthalmology clinic in Romania that has an imaging database since 2000. We can find your file from 20 years ago.


We respond to all your problems and requests, doctors respond to their patients! No message or phone call will remain unanswered.


What is the
Integrated Optics?

Fetita frumoasa cu ochelari
find out!


Children and adults alike love the warm and pleasant atmosphere of Oftapro, where they feel at ease. Our specialists are focused both on the quality of the relationship with the children and adults, as well as on the quality of the medical act for which they are dedicatedly trained. The experience gained in the 25 years of private practice (completed in 2021) and the quality of services have their say, because our patients remained 90% loyal to the Clinic.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of the services that we provide:

If you are interested in a particular condition, please use the site search and do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly guide and advise you!

We take care of the eyes of the whole family.

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Oftapro Optics

Compared to opticians – we are also medical professionals …
Compared to other clinics – we are also highly trained in optics …

…and professionals share their expertise for the best, safest and healthiest outcome for the patient on a realistic budget.

Close collaboration between medical and optical departments = Integrated Optics.

In no clinic in Romania is there such a close connection between the medical and optical departments, as at Oftapro! This is what a truly Integrated Optics Center is.

You have at your disposal a very wide range of frames, aerial lenses and contact lenses, being always assisted and guided by us to the best option.

OFTAPRO can honour a prescription of glasses in a record time of 5 minutes, 6 days a week.

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