The surgical department OFTAPRO has been functioning since 1997.
It is one of the first private surgical departments in Romania

The operation room

The operation room – is endowed with high standard equipment in order to carry on the ophthalmologic surgical operations of different types.

  • modern operating microscope
  • facoemulsification device for the cataract operation
  • the latest Romanian and imported surgical instruments, intraocular lenses, single use consumables
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Pre-and postoperator ward

The patients have at their disposal a special ward where pre-anesthesia and post-operator monitoring are done. For the psychical comfort, children may be accompanied by one of the parents at this stage.

The Anesthesia

The general anesthesia develops in conditions of maximum security and appropriate monitoring for patients of all ages.

It is the only department in the country, in conditions of private practice, for the pediatric general anesthesia in ophthalmology. The anesthetist is present in the clinic on the operation days and assures the general, local anesthesia and monitoring the general state of health during surgery.

The Sterilization Ward

It is endowed with Tuttnauer sterilizer that functions according to the international standards.

There is the possibility of fast sterilization, between the operations, within 8 minutes.

In conditions of security and maximum comfort, we are at your disposal for different types of surgical operations.

Strabismus surgery

The strabismus surgical operation develops in conditions of general anesthesia both for children and adults. The aim of the surgery is to align the eyes and to create the premises of developing the binocular sight. The surgical technique is unique in Romania and it is carried out through extremely small incisions, the healing being very fast and without scars. Other affections that can be operated in OFTAPRO :

  • Pterygion
  • Chalazion
  • Obstruction of lachrymal duct
  • Ectropion and entropion
  • Xantelasme, eyelid tumors