Eyeglasses lenses

Oftapro uses and offers you for the first time on Romanian market Tokai Japanese lenses.

The range of these plastic lenses is very large: colored lenses, heliomate, with anti-reflex complex treatment, anti-scratch till the latest news: poly-carbonate, progressive lenses, special lenses for the computer.

PGC coating (anti reflex treatment) is the ultimate surface treatment creating an extremely smooth surface. The newly developed stainproofing coating makes it fingerprint and stain resistant. Stains are easily wiped away. It is also easy to clean, ultra dust and oil repellent, it offers an improved vision in all circumstances, it has an optimized hydrophobic action and superior scratch resistance.

Tokai ‘s 1.76 aspherical single vision lens is world leader in its ultra high index category. In pursuit of the thinnest and lightest lens possible, Tokai Optical has been successful in combining this new 1.76 index lens material with its in-house aspheric design concept, driving this class of lenses to new and undiscovered heights.

1.76 aspherical lens comes with the Super Power Shield coating. This treatment offers outstanding resistance and durability and it was created by Tokai’s latest thin-film technology and designed for easy handling.


Many people who work on computers more hours a day may suffer from the so-called “ visual syndrome of computer”.

It shows ocular tiredness, dryness, burns, dim sight, headache, and scruff ache.

•  insufficiency of lachrymal secretion
•  brightness and intense reflection of the monitor
• optic correction necessity adapted to age

People over 40 years old may suffer from “dim sight” and tiredness at computer.

The cause is presbiopia, weakening eye accommodation to short sight.

The monitor is situated at an intermediary work distance and needs the proper dioptre (correction) for this distance. The special lenses for computer – with anti-reflex treatment and the correctly prescribed dioptre – can considerably improve comfort, eliminates the tiredness and the dim sight.

I already wear glasses. Do I need special lenses for the computer?

For those who already wear glasses: only for reading or regular glasses (distance), bifocal or progressive lenses – the work on computer needs a special lens, adapted to the dioptres need by each person.

The usual progressive lens has an intermediary part insufficiently large to allow comfortable work on the computer.

One of the most used lenses for computer is a progressive lens, large as an intermediary zone, that allows clear sight both of the monitor and at the usual reading distance.

Oftapro offers you Tokai special desk/office environment lenses Hi-Readers, Pro-Readers and Largo.

To function as a valuable tool for today’s middle-aged generation, even a specialized reading lens needs to provide smooth transitions between sight lines. The LARGO can offer you a wide field of vision close up, while maintaining strong vision at long distances. This lens fits the middle-aged lifestyle perfectly, providing good short-range vision during a variety of activities: not only business, but also housework and recreation.
Hi Readers & Pro-Readers are the most optimal lenses for near vision fields, with perfect sharpness mainly for desk working. Additionally to standard near vision lenses this design has an enlarged near vision field. Thanks to this near wide-vision lens, you can sweep every nook and corner in newspapers at a single glance.