Welcome to the Oftapro Ophthalmology Clinic!

80 % of the information about the surrounding world reaches us through images. Our eyes get tired or may have problems. Oftapro Ophthalmology Clinic has been here since 1996 in order to take care of your eyes.

  • Only in our clinic you can benefit by the following advantages:
  • It is the first clinic in Romania where patients can benefit by medical advice from the first days of life.
  • The possibility that your problems could also be analyzed immediately by USA specialists (e-consulting on-line with Indiana university – Indianapolis, USA).
  • Any surgical problem of your eyes is solved in a private environment, with exceptional medical assistance. A few hours after the operation (even under total anesthesia) you may leave the clinic completely recovered.
  • In Oftapro over 6500 cases of strabismus and cataract have been operated until present, cases included pre and post operator in an imagistic database.
  • Oftapro is the first clinic, where children were operated under general anesthesia in outpatient regime. With successful operations performed since 1997, Oftapro remains the most experienced clinic in this field.
  • Pioneers in the field of computerized orthoptics.
  • Nothing related to your problems is indifferent to us. That’s why we created a complete center of medical optics for you. You will be able to leave with perfectly executed glasses by computerized equipment, in maximum 20 minutes.
  • 15 years of experience in the field of regular and special contact lenses: toric, gas-permeable, cosmetic, extended-wear, prosthetic, of single use are at your disposal.